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Mrs. Jackie Gboyah - Bush

National Social Secretary


Phone: 678-410-7223


Mr. Henry F. Charyoe

Co-Chairman, Convention 2019


Phone: 347-241-0079.

April 30, 2019

Dear Tigers! 

Thank you for agreeing to help coordinate the upcoming Convention 2019 scheduled for Friday, June 28 to Sunday, June 30, 2019.

Conventions are a time to catch up with old friends and alumni, as well as connect Alumni with their Alma Mater.  Your role as a planning member of Convention 2019 is an important one and vital to the success of our Conventions. The Desired Outcome of the Convention is to provide exciting and engaging organized activities for the Convention that will help strengthen relationships between alumni and Booker Washington Institute.

You will find in your attachment a term of reference for each Convention Committee as per the Convention Guidelines. We have further broken it down to include description, tasks, convention theme, budget, committee members and monthly status report that may assist you in reaching the vision of Convention 2019. Convention 2019 is dedicated to the decade of the 70’s. We need to make sure that we include this group on the committee. We all are anxious to listen to the music, watch you dress in the 70’s attires, listen to jokes and stories of the 70’s. Program Committee let it happen!

All persons serving on committees are encourage to collaborate with others on other committees.   Each Convention Committee Chair may elect to recruit additional Committee members as deem necessary. All discussions and finalization of content will occur at the committee’s level with updates on a bi- weekly basis to both the Chairman and Co-Chairman respectively. We have a general planning meeting once a month in which all planning committee member are ask to participate. Our desire is to complete approximately 90% of all the listed tasks within 30 days. BWI is the best and so are you! Always remember the symbol of Booker Washington Institute: The Head, Heart and Hands – that is a recipe for success.

Additionally, we have added the Convention Activities, the Convention Announcement, Procurement Form, Meeting Minutes, Advertiser/Sponsor Letter Template, Letter from the President Letterhead and Letter to solicit Funds from Businesses for your use. You may create other templates that are applicable to the Convention use.

Save these dates on your calendar  lookout for the following General Planning Meetings:

Saturday, .  




Saturday, .


If there is a need to add meeting date, we will let you know after the March meeting.

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Clink on the Links Below for Committee Details

Hospitality Committee

Henry Charyoe/Chairman/ NY Chapter
Esther Brown/ Co-Chair /NY Chapter
Charles Stephens/ NY Chapter
Neressa Kamara/ NY Chapter
Daniel Kieh/ DC Chapter
Christian Anderson/ NY Chapter
Hawa Stevens-Chea/ NY Chapter

Financial Committee

Momo Vezele- Chairman / Rhode Island Chapter

Josephine Isaac/ Co-Chair /DC Chapter

Christian Anderson – New York Chapter

Henry Charyoe – New York Chapter

Will Harris – New York Chapter

Momo Vezele.JPG
Hilary Bryant.JPG

Publicity Committee

Hilary R. Bryant   - Chairperson

Jonathan Arthur / CO-Chair/

Christian Anderson/Member/ New York Chapter

Joshua Peal/Member/ North Carolina Chapter

Transportation Committee

Charles Stevens/Chairman/ NY Chapter

John Mawolo/ Member/ DC Chapter

Ishmael Marsh/ Member/ New York Chapter

Program Committee

Emmett Fiawoo   - Chairperson

Foudiya Henri /Southwest chapter

Mrs. Jacqueline Bush

Bindu Roberts/ Southwest chapter

David Karngba/ Southwest chapter

Mr. Christian Anderson/ NY President

Jacob Mensah/National Chaplain

Entertainment  Committee

Hawa Stevens-Chair
Christian Anderson
Esther Brown
Hilary Bryan
Josephine Isaac
Momo Vesele-Chair
Charles Stevens
Henry Charyoe
Mr. Eric Harris-National President
Rev. Paulina Cole-Hardy
Pastor Jacob Mensah
Mrs. Jacqueline Bush

Souvenir Committee

Josephine Isaac  - Chairperson

David Karngba
Christian Anderson- CO-Chair/ New York Chapter
Selma Yahnquee/ Carolinas Chapter

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