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History of BWI Class of 1959
President Charles D. B. King

Kenneth Y. Best, Sr

(Member, Class of 1959)

Mr. Kenneth Y. Best, member of the class, wrote this history in honor of the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) Class of 1959. The intend was to shade light on what the makeup of the class was then and today, and to go back in history to have a reflection of what our Alma matter look like in the 1950’s. As you read though this piece of work you will be trailed to know what a remarkable and unique set of individuals this great class produced. BWI continued to produce great leaders who had a great impact on the development of Liberia. In order to fully understand not only this book, but  understand why the graduates and former students of BWI continue to strive as one of the greatest Alumni Associations in the world, We have included the History of BWI as an introduction to the story of the Class of 1959, our 2017 Distinguished Honorees.  

Partial List of Members of the Class of 1959
  • Abayomi Glover

  • Anthony George

  • Anthony Togba,

  • Arthur Bedell

  • Ayi A. Ajavon

  • Charles Davies

  • Cyrus  Dennis

  • Daniel Ellington Milton

  • Dionysius Williams 

  • Elijah Taylor

  • Ellen Burke

  • Ellen Burke Fallah Praal,

  • Elsie Weah

  • Eric Eastman

  • Francis Quirmolu

  • Gladys Hampton. 

  • Harwene Tyee

  • Henry Avery,

  • James  “Big” Kwia 

  • Jan Shaw,

  • Jerry Sauser,

  • Joe Robertson (Hip Man) Ralph Gooding

  • Jonathan Otto Clarke,

  • Joseph Dagher

  • Kalongo Luo

  • Kenneth Y. Best

  • Leonard Bailey,

  • M. Richelieu Dennis

  • Macellery Woods,

  • Mansfield Yancy

  • McArdle Crusoe,

  • Mignonette Diggs McClain (now Anyaa Vohiri). 

  • Ossiel Holder

  • Paul H. Perry

  • Paul Perry

  • Prince A. Page 

  • Rachel Smith Tubman,

  • Reginald Dolopei

  • Robert Phillips

  • Robert Tubman 

  • Sam Ricks

  • Sei Johnny Yini

  • Shirley Hopkins,

  • Sneh Gurley

  • Tuazama Blege Dahn

  • William Aquilla Cox

  • Winston Gibson

  • Winston Holder,

  • Winston Tubman

  • Yvonne Barclay,

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