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The great Rhode Island Chapter was established in the early 1990’s and was very much instrumental in forming the National Organization commonly known as Booker Washington National Alumni Association of North America (BWINAANA).


The RI Chapter hosted the first National Convention in June of 1991. At this convention, the chapter president, Mr. Harrington Evans was unanimously elected as the first National President. From 1991 til now, the RI Chapter has played and continues to play major and important roles both locally and nationally.

To attest to that fact, as of 2019, it has produced the National Secretary, the National Financial Secretary for two administrations and a Regional Vice President. We like to remember and praise the late Mrs. Theresa Major who was our defato Mother and big sister for her valuable contributions. May her soul rest in perfect peace. The Chapter meets regularly every month at a member’s residence on a rotational basis and invites all BWI graduates,former students as well as friends of BWI. It engages itself in various  fundraising activities and the monthly due is only $5.

Pesent Officers the the Chapter are as follows:

  1. Danlette F. Norris -------  President  (401) 374 2391

  2. Momo J. Vezele  ---------  Vice President  (401) 499 6074

  3. Vida Hall  ------------------  General Secretary (401) 573 8171

  4. Joe E. Norris  --------------  Financial Secretary (401) 524 1891

  5. Comfort Yengbeh  -------  Treasurer (401) 954 4662

  6. Josephine Goodridge ----  Chaplain  (401) 516 1878

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