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     The Georgia Chapter of BWINAANA was one of the founding chapters that preceded the formation of the national organization. Founded in 1991, the Georgia Chapter was organized by a group of alumni of BWI resident in the State of Georgia, who was desirous of working together collectively to support their alma mater. Realizing the importance of leadership in every organization, the Georgia Chapter subsequently held its first election of officers, shortly after its establishment. Few months later, the chapter held its installation of officers in January 1992.

     Significantly, recognizing that the cause of BWI can be best served by working with other alumni and friends of the institution in North America, the Georgia Chapter joined the other founding chapters in developing the modalities, including the constitution, which laid the foundation for the establishment of BWINAANA.  The Georgia Chapter was rewarded for its excellent work in two major ways. First, it was selected to host the Second National Convention of BWINAANA in June 1993. Characteristically, the Georgia Chapter did an excellent job in hosting the national meeting, including doing the pioneering work on the “Convention Package,” which has become an enduing staple of the annual gathering. Second, the City of Atlanta was chosen as the corporate headquarters for the national association. Again, in 2014, the Georgia Chapter put its superb organizational skills on display, when it hosted the 23rd National Convention of BWINAANA. The success of the national convention is now fully inched in the illustrious history of BWINAANA.

       Importantly, since the administration of Etmira Alladin (the chapter’s first President), every succeeding administration has endeavored to champion the cause of supporting BWI financially, logistically and morally. This has been demonstrated through the holding of various activities that have helped raise money and educate the public about the work of BWINAANA. The chapter’s consistent demonstration of unflinching support for BWI has earned it respect and admiration in the Liberian and other communities in Georgia.

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