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The Carolinas Chapter of BWINAANA serves individuals who live through-out South and North Carolinas

John Yanquee


Joshua Peal
 Vice President

5219 Granite Creek Lane

Charlotte, NC 28269

Phone: (704) 502-5359




To promote the advancement of education by sponsoring, supporting, encouraging, aiding and conducting educational activities of all kinds though scholarship aid to individuals, the granting of funds for the support of research and study; the development of facilities, physical plant program and administration; purchasing equipment, books, libraries, laboratories or other facilities for the purchase, lease, construction or provision of same in any manner whatsoever.

Chapter Events

Family Day Event

Bowling for scholarship

Wine Tasting

Monthly Meetings (Third Sunday)

Community Service

Chapter Dues:  $5/Month

Top Five Ways Your Membership Helps:

  • Create a global alumni network

  • Keeps alumni informed about BWI

  • Provides scholarships opportunity for all students at BWI

  • Connects alumni through programs and services

  • Support international outreach

If you are a former student or an affiliate of BWI  and live in the Carolina's, we encourage you to join our chapter . Complete the signup form below and we will get with you as soon as possible.

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