Mrs. Tarlow L. Miller


Mr. Rudolph A. Weedor


Mrs. Peggy Morris


Mrs. Zoe Normah


Mrs. Elizabeth Gbeh- Moore


Delaware Valley Chapter

Booker Washington Institute National Alumni Association of North America

1321 Nottingham Way, Hamilton New Jersey

May 30, 2019


Mr. Eric Harris

National President


Washington DC, USA


Dear Mr. President:

On behalf of the entire membership of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the BWI Alumni Association of North America, I would like to introduce to you and the membership of the Association the newly elected and installed officers of the DV Chapter for the next two years.


Those elected and installed at our April Meeting are as follow:

                        Mrs. Tarlow L. Miller                   President

                        Mr. Rudolph A. Weedor             Vice President

                        Mrs. Peggy Morris                       Treasurer/ Fin. Sec

                        Mrs. Zoe Normah                        Chaplain

                        Mrs. Elizabeth Gbeh- Moore     Secretary (Appointed)


The DV Chapter new administration under my stewardship is very excited to take over the reins of leadership and look forward to working with the National and all Local Chapters in fostering better relationship in the interest of our Association and the school we all so loved.


It is no secret that our Chapter and the National Leadership have been at odd for the past two–three years on grievances that have remained unresolved and continue to hamper progress at both ends. Against this background, our Chapter has mandated us to meet with you and members of our team at our local June meeting to begin the process of normalizing our working relationship before the up-coming convention.


In closing, the DV Chapter congratulates you on your election as National President for the second term.


Above all else, BWI.  Thank you,




Tarlow L. Miller

Tarlow L. Miller


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